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Trying to Gather Some Information!Posted:

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I have had a great idea for an app for a while now and I think I'm going to finally go through with it. I created a survey just to get some information in correlation to the app. It'll take about two minutes to complete and would be a HUGE help for me if you guys could fill it out.


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2:06 AM Edit: 23 Responses already, you guys are the best!
4:20 PM Edit: 37 Responses, let's keep them coming!

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done, hope you get enough repleis for it :0
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Filled it out for you man
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filled it out good luck man
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I got you man
Hope you get enough!
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Sure thing bub

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I've just filled it out for you bro
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Just filled out a survey for you man
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Just took the survey for you man
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Done, interesting idea you've got!
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