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Became a 7 year member a few months backPosted:

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Hey, I'm Cyprus.

Havent been that active over time but have decided I wanted to rejoin the TTG community, i'll mostly be seen in the gaming section of the forum so i'll see you guys around.

The Following 4 Users Say Thank You to Cyprus For This Useful Post:

Xbox (08-25-2018), dah (08-25-2018), Federation (08-24-2018), coolbunny1234 (08-24-2018)
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Welcome back Cyrus, and congratulations on 7 years! Come kick it in the Shoutbox!
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Congratulations man, welcome to the 7 years club! See you around buddy
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I like the name man because I'm heading there next year!! But congrats on hitting 7 years and gals to see you came back
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Grats on the 7 Dude and welcome to the club <3333
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Congrats buddy! Se you in 8!
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Congratulations on 7 years! I'll be there soon
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Congrats bro hell of a long time
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Congrats on your 7 years GG on your milestone dude.
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Congrats and welcome to the 7 year club.

Hope to see you get more active again soon.

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