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Recently Turned Into A 3 Year MemberPosted:

  • Christmas!
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Its recently come to my attention that Ive become a 3 year member

Id like to thank everyone in the shoutbox and cheeki especially, you've all given me a lot of advice,help and actually made me a lot happier since a few life incidents so I appreciate you all

3 year stats

Total Posts: 1,548
Total Topics: 122
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406 useful posts, 51 unusful posts
347 rep
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congrats fellow shoutbox homie
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3 years
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Ayy big congratulations on 3 years mate
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Congratulations on hitting 3 years! I hope to see you hit 4
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Congrats on your achievement and you've gained quite a few achievements in your years here so well done. See you at you mr next milestone buddy
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Congrats on your milestone buddy !
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Congrats buddy
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Nice one bro! See you at 4
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Congratulations big guy on three years, awesome achievement! Here's to many more.
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