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I'm in Dance Class...Posted:

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I swear man, 10th Grade just keeps handing me L's. I mess up my first hug, my history teacher is my ex-football coach and NOW...I just got switched my weight training PE class to tarnation Dance. Can you believe this. Guys, should I just change schools.

*UPDATE*: I talked to my counselor and switched tf outta that bixch! I'm in weight training now! Praise da Lawd.

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The same thing happened to me, then I had my father come into the school practically screaming and my schedule was changed. Tough it out dude. Highschool doesn't last forever.
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Go to your counselor and ask them to switch you out of the class
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**** changing school, you need to change your life completely.
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No don't change schools that's the worst thing ever that's more problems on your hands. Just change what you're doing.
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I say go talk to your guidance counselor and see if they can switch you to something you like. I've never change schools but I have heard that it is pretty tuff.
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Dance just means u get to touch and dance with girls all class if ur into those stinky creatures
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Could always talk to your counselor and get that class changed back?

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Skip class, its what i did.
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Your first hug in 10th grade? your kidding right lmao
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