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1 month of gold!!!Posted:

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just got back on the site and wanna gift someone onemonth of gold!!!!

ALL you have to do is comment something!!! I will be picking the winner at 4PM!!!

The Following 8 Users Say Thank You to BuddMods For This Useful Post:

mcrLewis (08-19-2018), JMG (08-19-2018), Donald_Trump (08-19-2018), XavierWulf (08-19-2018), Declan1010 (08-19-2018), Mikey (08-19-2018), 0livia (08-19-2018), Xbox (08-19-2018)
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  • Blind Luck
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I'll enter.
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Sign me up for this!

Thanks yo.
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I'll enter thx
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I'll enter thanks for giving out
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Gold giveaway? Count me in!
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Count me in
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  • Halloween!
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Sure I'll post something, if I post something does that mean I posted something or a thing, but if I posted a thing what is it but what is something?
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