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Are you the best person you can be?Posted:

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Over my 20 years of being alive I have seen people become what I would never imagine them. I have people crushed over what other people say and then they try to change themselves because of it. I hate this and I just want to give some tips to try to help become or stay the best person you can be.

1. Be Strong - this means being independent and not expecting others to do your work for you. Be strong and when something bad happens, keep your chin up and fix the problem. If you can't fix the problem by yourself though or if you didn't create the problem, accept help to put the problem to an end before it escalates.

2. Don't be so serious - Don't be so serious. Laugh at yourself once in a while! Take a joke and don't cry over spilled milk

3. Stop and smell the Roses - What's the rush? As long as you're there, you might as well make the most of it especially if you won't ever be there again! Have fun and don't be rushing around all the time. If you see something you like, get it or spend as much time as possible there! Life isn't about running around and being stressed-and if you are you're not being the best person that you can possibly be and no one wants to be around a stressed hurried person. Calm down!

4. Find a Hobby - Discover what makes you tick personally! That could be art, singing, playing an instrument, writing, learning, exercise, dance, collecting things, making movies, scrap booking, animals, etc. Find what you enjoy and love and rock it!

5. Be Kind - Help others less fortunate than you! Whatever you do will come back to you, so why not make that a positive thing? If you see someone struggling with their groceries, lend a helping hand and help carry them or open the door for them. Don't bully or harass people and don't insult others. Good people don't do things to hurt other people or start drama.

Hope this helps people help to find themselves and just help other people out.

People comment down below if you have and comments or more useful advice that I forgot!



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No I am not!
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I'm still learning a lot in mtofe, growing up I was really sheltered. I have come a long way thanks to my fiance ZeroTwo teaching me and guiding me in life. But there's still things I need to learn. I learned you just gotta have a pateience and a want to change for the better.
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