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I GOTZ THE 3 CHEZ BLUKS - 300 rep that isPosted:

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I'd like to thank all these people:

Amon -- Egypti sensuality and luxury, originally "creature of judgment"
Amjad -- Celtic god of Hell
Azazel -- (Hebrew) taught man to make weapons of war, introduced cosmetics
Baalberith -- Canaanite Lord of the covenant who was later made a devil
Balaam -- Hebrew devil of avarice and greed
Baphomet -- worshipped by the Templars as symbolic of Satan
Bast -- Egyptian goddess of pleasure represented by the cat
Beelzebub -- (Hebrew) Lord of the Flies, taken from symbolism of the scarab
Behemoth -- Hebrew personification of Satan in the form of an elephant
Beherit -- Syriac name for Satan
Bil -- Phoenician goddess of lasciviousness, equivalent of Babylonian Ishtar
Chemosh -- National god of Moabites, later a devil
Cimeries -- Rides a black horse and rules Africa
Coyote -- American Indian devil
Dagon -- Philistine avenging devil of the sea
Damballa -- Haitian Vodou serpent god
Demogorgon -- Greek name of the devil, it is said should not be known to mortals
Diabolus -- (Greek) "flowing downwards"
Dracula -- Romanian name for son to the Order of the Dragon
Emma-O -- Japanese ruler of Hell
Eurynomos -- netherworld daimon (spirit) of rotting corpses
Fenrir -- son of Loki, depicted as a wolf
Gorgo -- dim. of Demogorgon, Greek name of the devil
Haborym -- Hebrew synonym for Satan
Hades -- Greek god of the underworld and king of the dead.
Hecate -- Greek goddess of witchcraft
Ishtar -- Babylonian goddess of fertility
Lilith -- Hebrew female devil, Adam's first wife who taught him the ropes
Loki -- Teutonic devil
Lucifer -- Christian devil
Mammon -- Aramaic god of wealth and profit
Mania -- Etruscan goddess of Hell
Mantus -- Etruscan god of Hell
Marduk -- god of the city of Babylon
Mastema -- Hebrew synonym for Satan
Melek Taus -- Yezidi devil
Mephistopheles -- (Greek) he who shuns the light, q. v. Faust (Greek)
Metztli -- Aztec goddess of the night
Mictian -- Aztec god of death
Jormungandr -- son of Loki, depicted as a serpent
Milcom -- Ammonite devil
Moloch -- Phoenician and Canaanite devil
Mormo -- (Greek), a fearsome female Underworld spirit or spirits in the train of Hecate
Naamah -- Hebrew female devil of seduction
Nergal -- Babylonian god of Hades
Nihasa -- American Indian devil
Nija -- Polish god of the underworld
O-Yama -- Japanese name for Satan
Pan -- Greek god of nature often associated with sexuality
Persephone -- Greek queen of the underworld
Pluto -- Roman god of the underworld
Proserpine -- Roman queen of the underworld
Pwcca -- Welsh name for Satan
Rimmon -- Syrian devil worshipped at Damascus
Sabazios -- Phrygian origin, identified with Dionysos, snake worship
Sammael -- (Hebrew) "venom of God"
Samnu -- Central Asian devil
Sedit -- American Indian devil
Sekhmet -- Egyptian goddess of vengeance
Set -- Egyptian devil
Shaitan -- Arabic name for Satan
Supay -- Inca god of the underworld
T'an-mo -- Chinese counterpart to the devil, covetousness, desire
Tchort -- Russian name for Satan, "black god"
Tezcatlipoca -- Aztec god of Hell
Thamuz -- Sumerian god who later was relegated to devildom
Thoth -- Egyptian god of magic
Tunrida -- Scandinavian female devil
Typhon -- Greek personification of Satan
Yaotzin -- Aztec god of Hell
Yama -- Hindu god of death

I'll see you at the next goal peeps, which will probably be 1,000 posts...kbye

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Strange, I don't see my name on there under The God of VIrtual Rep...

Hmm, must need updating on my wiki page.

Grats though.
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Congratulations big guy, keep it up!
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Congratulations bro on my way to 100
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Congrats on the cheese blocks
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Congratulations on your cheese blocks man, see you at 400.
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Grats on 300 rep man.

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Congrats on 300 rep JokingGamer See you at 1k posts
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congrats bro you deserve it!
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Congrats on hitting 300 rep and 3 cheesy blocks man!
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