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Do you believe in ghosts?Posted:

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Has anyone out there had an experience that has lead you to believe there are ghosts spirits in this world?

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No and no.

I just think it's the sub conscious in some people
who do running riot.
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I believe in ghosts or in other terms "spirits" as I've had a few ghostly experiences in my life!
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i believe in ghosts
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Do you believe in magic?
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Yes I do believe in ghosts. I've had a few experiences in my life that left me believing in it
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I don't believe in ghosts, or at least at the time of writing this post I do not. I'm huge into horror movies / themes / games, but it's tough to see proof anywhere.
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I do believe in ghosts or the term "spirits". I've encountered some paranormal things in my time.
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When I see something with my own eyes I will but until then hell no
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yeah i believe that ghosts exist around us I have had a couple encounters in my house which lead me to believe such, I probably live with one now lol and don't know it fully yet
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