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Yea their is still plenty of old heads around here. You can find a lot of them chilling in the sb.

Always cool to see og users still around and active.

Can't wait to see you at 10 years homie.

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Salinas wroteWhos has been here the longest? Any real OG TTG users out there still.

Still kicking around my man, back from 2010 and the CoOlBuNnYMoDz WaW patches haha.
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First signed up on TheTechGame back in 2009, but had this account for 6 years now, all that being said, I've only been active for the last 2 years.
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Was real active back in the old days
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Lol laughing at you old people
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I dont have many posts but i have been for a long time. usually to lurk abit.
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Used to be around a lot more when the community was really at its peak, loved doing graphics and other stuff.
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I've been around for 7 years, was a bad boy and had an account previous to this one, but i grew up and came back
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Had an account back in 2010/11 when DarkDreamer was on here. I only used TTG mainly for Mw2 mods
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What do you consider og exactly?
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