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Xbox Developer Mode - Modded savesPosted:

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So I have been fooling around with my Xbox One in developer mode for weeks and weeks and I noticed I could access my "Offline saves that will be synced when next online"

I could also extract saves to a USB that weren't synced yet, manipulate them then inject saves back into this area

After which I went back to retail, went online and it synced the manipulated files.

Tutorial coming soon

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Interesting. Ill definitely be waiting on that tutorial
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That is truly amazing nice find and I will defo look forward to a tut on how to do this
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Might be some hype around this let's see what happens from here, good find!
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I believe i know what your talking about.
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Cool find man, I always love messing around with stuff like that!
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I remember seeing this functionality in dev mode. I had no idea allowed offline saves now. Will get into it once i hop online. As they have been manipulated i see theyre not encrypted like the game itself. Hmmm very nice find!
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Cool, so now we need more free mod tools
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So your saying we might be able to USB mod Xbox one game saves?
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Looking forward to this, hopefully this will be the beginning of something
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