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Lost / 8-year memberPosted:

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Today I am an 8-year member. Feels like just yesterday I registered.

I'd like to thank all the active members keeping this site going and all the staff for keeping everything sorted.

Cheers on another 8-years!(if i make it that long)

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Jay (07-19-2018), Federation (07-17-2018), C4 (07-17-2018), Luke (07-17-2018), DeadLizard (07-17-2018), Matthew- (07-17-2018), dj (07-17-2018), Adam (07-17-2018), Mikey (07-17-2018), Yati (07-17-2018), Jimbo (07-17-2018), Saki (07-17-2018), M0B (07-17-2018), Scizor (07-17-2018), Ilusionz (07-17-2018)
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Congrats on 8 years!
Hope to see you around for many more
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You and Spencer joined the same day, same year. N E A T!

Grats on 8 years.
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Wow! 8 long years. That's awesome to see you're still here active (:
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Congratulations on 8 years Lost! I'll be joining you soon ;)

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Congrats man! Here to another 8!!
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Congrats on 8 years mate, many more years to come
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congrats on 8 years lil ugly dude,
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Congrats on the time we'll spent with us Lost. Hope everything is going good in your personal life, hardly get to see you
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8 years? That's crazy man. Congrats
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