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Is this worth much?Posted:

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Would anyone have an idea how much this fortnite account isn't worth?

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not very much to be honest... no rare skins and only a few nice ones.

depending on wins or if it has StW i would say like 30 dollars
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I'd say the same as Saxbyyy bro..

You could maybe get 35-40, but it depends on the buyer really.. they might like the skins you've got..
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If you're like 50 - 60$

Although really they're worth nothing unless you've got some type of OG like the Renegade, Skull Trooper etc, although to the right buyer maybe they want a skin you've got then it'll drive the price,although personally I'd purchase this for like 10$ max, but that's me it's got nothing I really want but you might be able to make a little.
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Maybe if you had some OG skins. But it also depends on your wins and all that.

You could have nothing but over 500 wins and it could be worth a fair amount I think.

Id probably say aroudn $50 though.
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Not that much worthy but decision is yours
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wouldnt say so, just some season 4 and season 3 skins really. i think a majority of the fortnite players have them
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Don't know much about fn accounts but I'd say probably $30-$50
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