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500 posts for OrcaPosted:

  • E3 2018
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Okay to keep this short and sweet, I've finakly hit the 500 post mark and it's been a long journey to get here but I've done it.

I would do a thanks list but it's so much effort on mobile so any of the rep hungry people in the shoutbox thanks to you

Future goals are as follows now

200 Rep
1K posts
1K thanks
1K news comments

A lot of 1K I know lol

The Following 7 Users Say Thank You to 4321coolbunny For This Useful Post:

40oz (07-01-2018), Xbox (07-01-2018), Spartan (07-01-2018), Mikey (07-01-2018), Aao (07-01-2018), G6 (07-01-2018), MeIo (07-01-2018)
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  • Winter 2018
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Congrats dude! Keep going.
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Congratulations on 500 posts, all the best on all your other milestones.
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You're at the halfway mark man, keep on the grind and get that 500 other posts done to get the badge.
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Gratz on 500 dude!

Best of luck on all the 1k's xD
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Congratulations on 500 Post you have reached that rather quick
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Half way to 1k! Congratulations Orca!
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Congrats orca, keep up the posting man! see you around the shoutbox :p
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Congrats on 500 posts Orca.

See you at 200 rep in no time.

Keep staying active.

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Congrats on 500 posts Orca! See you at your next milestone
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