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10 Time Travelers That May Have Been Caught on TapePosted:

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Number 8 cracked me up lmao, what one did you find the funniest lol?

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Brigand (07-09-2018)
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Portal in his kitchen.... Lol number 8 is pretty cool though
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As soon as I heard buddy's voice I knew it was cringey lol number 8 was my favourite. Clearly that was not him with himself in that clip haha
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Number 8 is ridiculous, probably just brothers with a family tattoo. I thought number 5 was pretty cool, fake, but pretty cool. All these compilation videos of out of this world stuff are all really cool, but in the end they are really hard to believe.
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This shit is so interesting haha. Something to help me stay up. Cheers man.
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I seen this before i really dont get the chaplon film one tho. Ppl say its like a hearing aid but nobody is aroind, surely you wouldnt always hold it to your ear like that?
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