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I've come back to 3,000 reputation.Posted:

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So i decided to revisit TTG after almost an entire month of being afk. I joined the SB and "@Jay Gratz on 3k fgt" so welcoming and kind, it melts my heart the amount of love i get from those d00ds. Also 9,000 profile visits which ain't much to brag about. But ayyeee numbers on TTG gotta count for something?? :p

So, yeah thanks See you guys next month.

The Following 19 Users Say Thank You to Jay For This Useful Post:

coolbunny1234 (07-01-2018), Xbox (06-30-2018), Brigand (06-29-2018), G6 (06-29-2018), RepBandit (06-29-2018), Famous (06-29-2018), 4321coolbunny (06-29-2018), Cookie (06-29-2018), Mikey (06-29-2018), dj (06-29-2018), Luke (06-29-2018), 40oz (06-29-2018), Zesri (06-29-2018), Adam (06-29-2018), Maze (06-29-2018), Boss (06-29-2018), MeIo (06-29-2018), Matthew- (06-29-2018), Toka (06-29-2018)
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Grats on the rep bro.
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Gratz on 3k rep dude thats insane!!!

Best of luck on all your other milestone both on here and IRL
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I'd like to thank myself for pointing out how close you are.
I'd like to thank myself for being the first to tell you to post this so I can get that sweet, sweet post.

Congratulations on 3k rep Jay, whenever you come back around TTG it's always great to talk to ya. Glad things seem to be good and I'm glad you got on to hit 3k. See at the next milestone, whenever the next one rolls around.
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Congrats on 3k Jay, well deserved!

We all miss you man.
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Congrats on the 3k bro!
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Congratulations Jay, such a huge amount of rep!

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Congrats bro on 3k rep that's crazy!
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Glad I caught you in the Sb mate, and huge congrats on the 3k rep. See you soon mate.
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Congrats on 3k man! Glad to see you came back even if it's not for long!
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