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E3 2018 badge, again super latePosted:

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Really late on this, have been super busy with things in life. Uhhhh E3 badge from posting -- spamming during the E3 event. Actually went to E3 so didn't think I was going to have enough posts since I didn't spend much time on my PC. Still need to do a slight update of my trip there, might just make a topic in General eventually.

Really short and rushed, but yeah, looking forward to next E3!!!

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Congratulations on the badge man! Welcome to the Party!! Cool how you got the badge and you attended
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Congrats on the E3 badge, glad you're a part of the club You for sure had the most highly detailed posts on E3, and you went, truly no one deserved it more!
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Thats crazy you was actually there man, maybe ill go next year but doubtful as I'm from UK so bit of a trek lol, anyways congrats on that E3 badge mate. Keep up the HQ posts you always make. +200.
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Welcome to the club and I'm glad you went to E3. I wanted to go
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Congrats on the badge
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Same here man, congrats!
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Congrats on the E3 Badge bud.
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Grats on being one of the lucky few to receive this badge.
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Wasn't interested in trying to be a Top 20 poster to go for this, but congrats on getting it yourself.
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