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First time logging in for years - 7 Year account!Posted:

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Hey guys,
This is my first time logging in the site in a number of years, i'm going to try and become more active again in the community and hope it is as awesome as I remember it being all those years ago!

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Federation (06-30-2018), Xbox (06-30-2018), MeIo (06-29-2018), Boss (06-29-2018), G6 (06-28-2018), OP (06-28-2018), Mikey (06-28-2018), 40oz (06-28-2018), Maze (06-28-2018)
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Welcome back to the site! 7 year member that's pretty tight. I hope you actually stay active on the forums and I see you around a little bit. Glad you've come back to TTG!

You're close to 1k posts as well, get to it man!
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Welcome back bro! It's good to see old members making there way back. Hopefully you stay active. +rep
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Welcome back
Hope you stay active this time around
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Welcome back to the site bro

Hope you stick around a while
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Welcome back mate, 7 years jeezzz hahaha yeah, alot has change lol.
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Welcome back man, hope to see you stick around!
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Welcome back and welcome to th 7 year clubbyyyyyyy
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Welcome to the site after 7 years!!
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Welcome back man! Glad to see old users coming back!
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