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4 year member ~ NinjaPosted:

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Gone a week or so and only just noticed, finally hit my 4th year here! Doesn't feel that long at all!

Short thank list as I'm lonely;


Hope to reach 5K by August! Maybe even 800.

Luv all

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Congrats on hitting 4 years man, and I'll give you a helping hand towards that 800 reperiones
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Congrats on 4 years!
I'll leave you some Rep also
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Hey man, congratulations on becoming a 4 year member. Hope to get to know you one of these days, hopefully before you're a 5 year member.
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Congratulations on 4 Years man!
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Congrats on 4 years man!
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Happy 4th birthday on ttg bruhhhh
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Congrats on 4 years bro l, hope to see you around some time soon!
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Congrats being a Ninja for 4 years mate.
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Gratz on 4 Ninja, best of luck on 5!
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