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stuntin like gucciPosted:

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A bit late but i'm officially a "Wise One".

I have no friends on this site so no thanking anybody or anything.. But I plan on becoming a 1K Rainmaker by 2023 when Kanye runs for president.

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Congrats on Wise one "Gucci Mane" haha
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GG, congrats on Wise one rank mate, 450 more for the 1k badge.
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Congrats on Wise One, I'm sure you'll be at 1K before you know it. Usually your posts tend to fly by.
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Congrats on your first 500 posts man. I'll see you at 1k, when hopefully Kanye isn't president.
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Congrats on wise one
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Yo Bro congrats.

If your ever need a chat just hit me a messsge bruv.
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Nice job on getting wise one, not to far off from rainmaker.
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Congrats on the Wise one!

See you when you hit 600!
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Congratulations on Wise One; see you at 1000 very soon.
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