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Favorite Rap Artist?Posted:

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Hey all, I've been listening to rap for years now and am always trying to find great new music and artists on preferably spotify but also soundcloud.

Tell me your favorite rap artist, and maybe post a few long links/names of some of your favorite tracks from them!

To give you a taste of what style of rap im into I'll post my favorite rapper as well!

Kendrick Lamar
1. Poetic Justice
2. Alright
3. Bitch, dont kill my vibe
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I gotta go with Logic
In the End, Indica Badu, Under Pressure are some of my favorite songs. Almost all of his old music is just insane.
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Kanye West.

Been a fan of him since I was 7 back when graduation dropped.

Top albums/ songs
- All of the lights

- All Day

- Reborn (Off of Kids See Ghosts, more recent but it is pure vibes)

As for soundcloud, Lil Skies has been killing it.
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Kevin Gates has become definitely my favorite. Couple songs are; weight, sit down, 100it gang.

He is definitely someone to check out if you like rap.
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Kodak Black
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X been a fan since around 2016 ever since I heard RIP Roach when he was on the come up.Glad I got to see how much of a superstar he became.
Edit:People are probably gonna downvote because they just think im a bandwagoner but If you go through my old posts Ive talked about him alot.

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50 Cent or Jay Z.
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currently mines Juice Wrld Or Trippie Redd
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Tupac, Eazy-E, or Biggie Smalls.
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very explicit

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