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Check us out! New Team UpcomingPosted:

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Let me tell you a little about myself, my name is Dustin. I am Huge into Working out and gaming! I am really interested in starting youtube and plan to stream and post vlogs or stream as much as i can. i live in California, nothing to special. I'm 20 years old.

What I Plan To Do:

I want to recruit a solid 8 people that can show me that you will grow and represent the team to your best, i will want everyone to either post more or start up a channel to get as much attention as we can. we will at least enter into 1 big massive multiplayer comp tournament and travel! everyone that makes the cut will receive a team jersey if you make the cut of the comp team


~Age 18+

~Make free tI'me to travel

~post or stream as much as possible

pm me or drop a comment for us to contact you!
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What games will be played? I am interested, either way.
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What kind of games is the team playing? You can PM me any info.
I'm 21 and from CA, so maybe we would get along and we could start a decent little team, just would like some more information
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I'm interested man pm me whenever you can
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Do you have to be from CA? Im from the UK but would love to be in a team. And also, what game is this for?
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