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100 gifts of gold (super late)Posted:

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After yearsssssssssss of very slowly going for Gold Gifter+ I finally hit 100 gifts of gold probably......3 months ago? I don't really remember, super late but better late than never.

I've kind of fallen off from the site recently, just shit going on in my life where I don't have the motivation to really post as much anymore. Still lurk and at times will post but have dramatically dropped in how active I used to be. I'll return back to the site fully, once I get over whatever "depression" I have and stop chugging vodka like it's water and I've been stranded in a desert for 2 days without a drink in sight.

But in the meantime, no thank list right now (yeah yeah, as usual.) I'll still be gifting gold once I become fully active again. Don't really have anything close for future milestones, so this will probably be it for a little while lol. At least I can proudly say I paid 1 maybe 2 of Sean's utility bills????
gold money goes to site I know nerd

Anyways, cya guys at my next milestone in like 5 years when ya boi is fully active again and not just lurking

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Like you said better late then never !!

But congrats man !!!
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Doesn't matter if it's super late or not. You still hit 100 gifts. Congrats!
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Congrats on GG+ man, and thank you for giving so much back to this awesome community.
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Congrats on 100 gifts of gold.

Thanks for giving back to the community.

Hope to see you around more often.

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Congrats on GG+ bud! 100+ is outstanding!
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Congratulations on 100 gifts of gold thanks for giving back to the community! Hope to see you around more my friend.
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