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ITS BEEN YEARS TTG! Im backPosted:

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I finnally recovered one of my first of many TTG accounts from one of my original emails and would love to know if there is a way to change my username? if posssible can someone please contact me on how i can do so? Id really like to hide my real name for various reasons. I made this account 7 years ago when i was like 15
Also i haven't used this site in years and i used to love the community and pay for stickies to advertise my services, I'm wondering if the TTG community is still growing strong? Id love to get back into some of my old hobbies with TTG

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Only way to change your name is to either buy a gold subscription or get gifted one. Either way, welcome back. <3
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Welcome back man
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Welcome back man! You can change your username as a gold member, either buy it, get gifted, or win a giveaway.

I'm doing a giveaway right now! Forums/p=40105314.html#40105314
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Welcome back to the site man, hope to see you around the forums soon.
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Welcome back man
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Welcome back m8
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