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Ranked games getting harder?Posted:

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Hello. I play on Xbox one but wanted to get other platforms opinions on this as well as Xbox players.

I've been playing for a while now. Highest skill rating I've had is 3255 and that was 2 seasons ago, and the seasons before that I never dropped below 2890. Last season I started at 2998 and dropped to 2750. This season started at 2675 or so and am now below 2500. Just wondering if there is something I missed in patch notes about how teams are matched? Lost 8 straight yesterday, I'm not getting worse as far as I can tell. Still on par, sometimes new personal bests with kills and damage done and so on.

Obviously I'm dying more because I'm losing games but my team is always ass. So wtf is going on? Has anyone else experienced constant drops and teams like this? Placement games are always balanced, 5 wins 4 losses this season with 1 draw but haven't won a game after that. I don't mind losing close games because they are close, but every game I've lost we just get ran over on defense and can never get to the first point on attack.
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Bro I dropped from 2800 to 2560 (PC) in 2 days, the games do feel harder idk
I'm so pissed I don't wanna play anymore because feel like I gonna lose more again :/
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It may not be you per say but the group of players just getting better in your division.
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