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2k News CommentsPosted:

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Today i hit 2k news comments, i would like to thank TheTechGame for keep everyone updated with the latest news. See you guys at 3k news comments soon.

The Following 7 Users Say Thank You to Mikey For This Useful Post:

Boss (05-05-2018), Federation (05-05-2018), Xbox (05-05-2018), Brigand (05-04-2018), TheRealMark (05-04-2018), Tom (05-04-2018), RepBandit (05-04-2018)
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I'm very jealous Mikey! I'll be at 1k in a month or 2! Main TTG goal right now!
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Congrats man you're high Qualtiy spam material
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Your bitch ass really had to make 2 separate topics.
Congrats on shitposting again
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Congrats on the 2k news comments
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Congrats on 2k News comments Mikey, hopefully you will be able to hit 3k soon.
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Grats on 2,000 news comments Mikey.
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Congrats on the milestone Mikey!
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Congratulations on that 2k comments my friend!
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