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Is Gmail to Secure?Posted:

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so recently, I had woke up.. I forgot my login information, eg my password.

- I contacted Gmail after attempting to recover my account for a few hours.
I have every piece of information that includes my mobile number, name, ip, emails sent / received.

keep in mind this account has only been on one device my main computer, it's been the same IP, same Device & Browser for 2 years +

I go through the recovery settings, I'm asked to get a code that was sent to my mobile, I'd enter the code, then I would have to enter my phone number, then another email that they could contact, I'd get a code to that email enter that code, then it says " Sorry we can't identify that this account belongs to you "

so I try other methods using Back-Up Codes, Old Passwords etc. I'm thrown back onto the same page " Sorry but we can't confirm you own this account "

Anyway so I wait for 3 days to get a response back from google after filling out a long form and I'm still told the same thing.

Now keep in mind this may not be a bad thing, I run 2-step on my account and even I wasn't able to regain access to an account that no one even knows the email too let along any information about it.

- I attempted to forget email and I couldn't find my account, even with the First & Last Name. eh I feel like it's not really a bad situation but if you're going to secure your account properly I recommend you write down your password & other information because it's been a pain, lucky I remembered my password lol

anyway rant over? lol just make sure to write down your information if you know how to secure your accounts properly.

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Nothing is too secure.
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Yeah I had issues with Googles, Google Pay service before because they wanted proof of ID and at the time I had just gotten my ID so I only had a paper one I sent that in a series of times and it didnt work and I never knew why and then my hard copy came in so I sent them a pic of that and they took it. Got pissed and called them and talked to the manager and he was lost so I just hung up. Their is literally no difference between my hard copy and paper ID other then that physical trait itself. Long story short Google is a hot mess when it comes to security.
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Well isn't that a good thing ?
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I think it has more than other sites and things but not too secure.
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I've been on Gmail since I was 16 years old I used it for work at school and jobs it's fast and reliable. It's very secure but just like what the people said on the topic nothing is too secure! I also use it for PayPal for modding.
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Nothing is secure every thing can be taken from you lol
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