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*AREA 51* Whats your take?Posted:

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I have always wondered what everyone thinks about this place. What do you think goes on there?
Me personally I think that it holds some of the worlds most top secrets.. But What?

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i heard its a combination between Area 20 and Area 31
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I don't think they do alien testing but they most likely test and make weapons that they don't tell the public about. They definitely keep stuff hidden though.
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Build war aircraft and spectaular weapons. Most likely use it to test nukular/bombs weapons too
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Defenietly was used for something probably just a standard military base and still is
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I think it's top secret weapons!

BUT a little bit of me thinks it's aliens
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It's a classified USAF base right? It's where they test new weapons etc.
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All you hear is about it's a place for Aliens.
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It's so top security that if you work there you have to go alone to a random ass location then get escorted there.

It holds secrets the public don't need to know.
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some dude worked there and when he was drunk he rambled on about area 51 and filmed it

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