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First Anime I've WatchedPosted:

  • Winter 2017
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WARNING : If you haven't watched this or are planning on watching this do not read this post as I have basically explained what has happened. Unless you want to watch it because it sounds good.

The name of the series is "BTOOOM"

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The two main characters are -
Ryota Sakamoto

Episode 1 -

This episode is obviously just getting into it,
but there are a group of people playing a game (BTOOOM) that is a game of explosives only.

There is one player on the team who is really good and said he wants to verse someone challenging, so he gets a challenge off of the #2 team in the world.

But then he kinda wakes up and finds himself stuck in a tree with a parachute on with no idea whatsoever on what happened or how he got there.

He is slowing starting to get his memories back,

Then he finds a pouch full of bombs beside him. He doesn't know what they are at first until he presses the button on the bomb which starts a timer,
Just before the timer got to zero he said he has a bad feeling about this so he threw it and it exploded.

He then sees someone in the distance running to him.
This person then throws a bomb at him, but he still has no idea what is going on.

Later on in the episode he realises the he is playing BTOOOM in real life.

Ryota defeats his first opponent in a very smart way.

Episode 2 -

In this episode a girl ends up on the island after playing with Ryota her name is Himiko.

When she wakes up on the island there are 3 men standing around her, the one asked if she would go with them so they could help her.

She has been chosen for leader to look after the bombs/weapons,
They then see a crate drop in the distance so they go for it.

This crate is full with supplies, (Food/Water/Soap/Sunscreen)

The one guy comes over and shouts at them all for eating the food and tells them to save it, because food is hard to get on the island but the one guy wasn't having any of it, so he kills him.

Himiko and the other guy decide to wake up in the middle of the night and start running away from the guy that killed the teacher, but as soon as the one checks their radar he is following them, chasing them down.

While running through a forest they come across a rope bridge, Himiko gets across fine, but the other guy weighs too much.

The killer then comes up behind them and asks why they ran away with a knife out and how they knew he was following them, the fat guy said they seen him on the radar but then killer didn't know nothing about a radar, so the fat guy then threw a bomb and ran across then bridge.

The bomb he through was some kind of gas bomb so the killer turned around and ran off.

Later on in the episode the fat guy wouldn't let go of Himiko so she knocked him out and ran away from him, she thought that she got away form he for good.
Until he was standing right above her pushed her to the ground and tried to rape her, she then pressed the button on her bomb and the timer started to go down,

by this point the fat guy started to run so she threw the bomb and he died.

At the end Himiko ran into Ryota.

Episode 3 -

Himiko has ran away from Ryota, he has tried to find her on his radar, but instead he runs into some other fat guy taking a poop.

This new guy then explains to Ryota how they got to the island.

When they were on the plane they looked around and seen at least another 20 - 30 people, there was a screen with a person on it explaining the rules and how it all works, he also said the only way they can win is if they collect 8 different IC chips in people left hand.
But the only way they can get the IC chip is by killing each other.

They all start off with a pouch full with 8 bombs and they only way the get bombs is by killing other people and taking their loot.

This old man has asked if Ryota wants to team up with him and find another way off of the island,

Ryota said he would only team if he shown him what bombs he has in his pouch, but they old guy played it smart and said if he shown him his bombs then he couldn't trust Ryota.

More food and supplies were dropped but someone got to one of the drops before hand and planted a trap, Ryota raced over to it but because be was on a hill he couldn't get to the supplies without climbing down,
Someone beat Ryota to the supplies and got hit with the trap.
At this point Ryota is glad he didn't go down for the supplies.

However, they see more supplies in the forest and now they are debating on if they should go and get it, they are both hungry and need water but do not trust it just in case there is another trap set waiting for someone.

At the end of the episode they risked it and went to get the supplies because the old man said that they can't fight on an empty stomach.

Episode 4 -

3 new people are now here,

These 3 people got to the supplies before Ryota and the old man,

The 3 that have gotten the supplies have got a stubborn fat man in the group that will not split the supplies but they have to follow him if they want food.

The stubborn man is now dead because the kid killed him, the kid is the stubborn mans son but he gets abused so he decided to kill his dad.

There was a family lawyer with the kid and the father, but after the kid killed his dad the lawyer ran off, a few seconds after Ryota and the old man show up and the kid threatens them saying if you don't do what I say you will end up like him.

Ryota and the kid have started to battle each other, Ryota set a trap for this kid but it didn't kill him, the kid threw some bomb that puts a hole in things and it landed on Ryota's bag so he took it off, know Ryota knows what bombs this kid has so he can come up with a strategy to kill him.

The kid now knows what bombs Ryota has, but by this time it is too late.

When the kid uses his radar to try and find Ryota, Ryota thought ahead and used his at the same time to cancel the kid from finding him on the radar.

Ryota doesn't want to kill anyone again, so he thought that it was just a game none of it is real and then as soon as he was about to finish the kid off he figured out it is real life and he doesn't want to finish the kid because he doesn't want to kill anyone else.

Episode 5 -

After Ryota battled the kid last episode he went back to pick up the food for him and his new friend, his friend being the smart fat man.

Ryota and his friend was sitting by the waterfall and saw a body floating down the river. The body was the fat guy that Himiko killed.

Ryota has now found Himiko again but she is trying to kill him because she doesn't trust men anymore. They both just got into a close combat battle but Ryota wasn't there to kill Himiko, however she didn't think twice.
She threw her bomb but completely missed at this point Ryota was running up on her. She pulls out a stun gun and Ryota doesn't want to get tasered again so he kicked her arm it hit the briefcase with all the food and water in and she got knocked out.

Ryota picks her up and carries her to a safe place, but as soon as she wakes up she has a timer bomb. But cause she is numb and can't run anywhere she was going to kill herself and Ryota. He stopped the timer so they both stay alive.

Ryota took her back to his friend, and she has now explained to them that even if they did get off of the island no one will be waiting for them back at home, because the reason they are there is because their family&friends wanted them to disappear.

At the end of the episode they heard something moving in the bush, when they came out of the bushes it was a few giant lizards.

Episode 6 -

At the start of this episode the lizards were all over the supplies and the bombs so Ryota couldn't get to them, the three were just standing in the middle of the river and Ryota told the man to take Himiko to the other side of the river.
Ryota dropped a rock on the one lizard that was on top of the bombs so he could get to them, then the man called Ryota for help as the lizards slowly approached the man and Himiko, the one lizard had but the man on the leg so he is now bleeding.

Ryota saves the two by throwing a bomb at the lizards,
after this they carry on moving up the river and the lizards were following them but they didn't know, as soon as one of them jumped out on the three the man ran off and now Ryota and Himiko can't find him.

At this point Himiko is still unconscious so she isn't much help, but Ryota doesn't want to leave her behind.

The mans name is Taira.

Taira has found Ryota and Himiko, he had to use a bomb because there was a lizard in front of them and Taira ran off with all the bombs so Ryota was left defenceless.

They have found a little beach house to hide from the lizards and hopefully other people, but Ryota finds blood in the corner so someone has already been there.

Taira's leg has just started to hurt him, Ryota and Himiko are trying their best with what they have to help him out by trying to disinfect the wound.

At the end of the episode someone used their radar to find someone, but Himiko was found before she bumped into Ryota and Taira so she went to leave but Ryota said he will go and act as a decoy to draw them off.

Episode 7 -

At the start of the episode it shows a clip of Ryota and Himiko in the game getting married, but in real life they have no idea what each other look like.

While Ryota is trying to draw off them people trying to find them, he runs two people that are working together.

The murderer from the second episode with the knife tries to attack Ryota from behind, but he knew he was there as he used his radar a second before hand.
The murderers name is Masashi.

Before their little rumble Ryota asked if Masashi wanted to join him and his friends to try and get off of the island. But as soon as Ryota pulled out the taser he recognised it because in episode 2 Himiko used it on him. Masashi didn't need to use radar to follow him back to his friends.

Masashi didn't have to use radar because as soon as he got to Ryota, Himiko and Taira he told them he was former mercenaries so tracking people in the jungle is easy for him.

While Masashi was threatening Ryota, Taira ran up on Masashi to try and push him off of the platform of the beach house but Masahi's reflexes are too good and he stabs Taira.
Then Ryota tries to run up on him but once again he turns and kicks Ryota off of the platform into a tree far down, but Ryota survives.

As soon as Ryota got back upto the house he finds Taira sitting there bleeding, the bombs, supplies and Himiko has gone. Ryota finds her phone on the ground he opens it up and finds out that it is Himiko so he is off to try and find her.

Ryota found Himiko, and now she knows his name. She says that she's heard it because he was #10 in the world on BTOOOM, but she is trying to hide the fact that she knows him.

Masashi got hold of Himiko and held a knife to her throat, Ryota killed Masashi's ally so Masashi said he will have a unarmed fight. Himiko slipped a melting bomb onto Masashi's bag which burnt him.
This meant that the two had to run away from the smoke before it gets them too, but the way that they ran was a dead end.

Ryota found a hold in the ceiling which leads them outside, so he jumped up and helped Himiko up, but Masashi was still alive and grabbed hold of her leg to try and drag her down with him.
Ryota played it smart and threw a timer bomb so Masashi let go to get the bomb but it exploded and he died.

Episode 8 -

At the start of the episode it is just showing clips on when they played the game, but then it went into real life and they both tried to sleep, but Himiko got woke up because a light was shining in her eyes, she told Ryota that she saw a ghost but Ryota is convinced that there is another player nearby.

Ryota sees a light in the distance so he goes to check it out leaving Himiko on her own to search the area they are staying,
As soon as Ryota gets to the light, he finds a candle, table with food and water. He knew straight away that it was a trap but he couldn't see anyone on the radar. As soon as he turned around a women swung a sickle at him to try and kill him. He knocks her out and realises why she didn't come up on his radar.

If everyones arm they have an IC Chip and she had cut her arm off so she can't be tracked.

As soon as this mysterious women wakes up she kicked Ryota and kept screaming "a man" Himiko told him to leave and she'll sort it out, this women told Himiko to not trust any man on this island but Himiko knows that she can trust Ryota.

The women told Himiko what happened to her on the island, she came with a man that she worked with in a hospital. So they decided to put it all behind them and help each other get enough IC Chips to get off of the island, but as soon as they had 6 they only needed one more, the man betrayed her and threw a homing bomb at her which only exploded her arm and didn't kill her, but her chip fell out so he went back home while she was stuck on the island.

Now Ryota plans to go back to Taira, get 7 chips for the helicopter to come and land at the island to take one of them home, but he was planning on threatening the pilot with his bombs to try and jack the helicopter so the four could go home.

Episode 9 -

Right at the beginning of the episode it starts of with Taira in bandages, when it shows who helped it, it was the women's work friend that betrayed her. He is a doctor and his name is Date, when Taira said thank you to Date, Date said to himself "Fool, I only helped you so I could use you later" then Ryota and Himiko came back and asked who he was.
Himiko knows him from stories that the women told, but she doesn't know what he looks like.

Ryota, Himiko and Date have gone to get some supplies, they have ran into a bit of trouble on the way.
Another 2 players that are working together have went to get the same supplies. Himiko gets knocked out by a women and Ryota and Date are against a man that Ryota has ran into before but didn't attack him, he watched him kill someone from a distance.

Although Date is planning on killing Ryota, Himiko and Taira he is playing it smart and not going straight in for the kill.

Himiko has woken up and is going in a head to head with this women that is teaming with the guy that is chasing Ryota for his supplies.

Ryota has now lost the supplies, and while the women and Himiko was battling Date threw a bomb that could of killed them both. Date went over to Himiko like everything was fine, but she doesn't trust him now because that bomb could of killed her aswell.

At the end of the episode Ryota and the guy that stole the supplies ended up on a beach, the guy had set booby traps before Ryota surfaced from the water to kill Ryota.

He made the guy drop all his bombs, chips and the supplies. But under the sand was a booby trap of remote control explosives. The guy played it smart, but just wasn't smart enough.
Somehow Ryota survived the blast.

Episode 10 -

The start of episode 10 shows you how Ryota survived the blast, although the trap was set before hand, we didn't see what happened from Ryota's point of view, what he done is walked up to the bombs and the rest of it but he wasn't close to it. This made it look like he was going right into the trap from the other guys point of view,

Smart plays by Ryota.

The little kid that killed his dad a few episodes ago has just returned because Ryota didn't want to kill him, he was carrying his bombs as well, however you couldn't use them as he didn't kill the little kid. He was left defenceless until not, Ryota just got into a battle and the explosion broke the strap on the bag so he lost the kids bombs, the kid picked them up and is on the hunt to kill more people.

The guy that Ryota was fighting, he knew him in school. Ryota was a shy kid in school and he was friends with the guy that tried to kill him. His old friend was a popular kid in school and any girl liked him. Ryota told him everything, who he liked. Everything, then his old friend slept with the girl that Ryota like, so they had a fight in school.
This is the reason why they're fighting now, that and because they both want off the island!

They went back to the old building where they found that women with one arm
they took Date with them because he is a doctor and he knows what he is looking for, but he just put random medicine into the briefcase and told Ryota to hold it,
Himiko went to the women to talk to her about Date because she doesn't trust him, she comes running back to Ryota and tells him to throw the briefcase be he has no idea why.
It exploded but i'm not sure if he died from it until episode 11!

Episode 11 -

Date came to kill Himiko as well but the women that Date came with 6 months before has just stabbed him in the back with her sickle to save Himiko.

After Date was stabbed in the back with a sickle Himiko and the women ran off, Date followed but what they didn't know if before hand Date somehow planted remote explosives all over the building. Himiko would press the button on her bombs and give them to the women so she can throw them at Date, but he started to run off and as she followed she got hit with an explosive.

Date is now trying to kill Himiko, then once he has collected her chip he is going to kill Taira.

Somehow Ryota has survived yet another blast.
When he was told to throw the briefcase Date ran out the room to escape the blast, so Ryota went to throw it out of the window but it missed. He found a hole in the corner of the room that he jumped down just before the blast went off which he survived from.

The women's name is Shiki, she managed to survive the blast aswell,
While Date was chasing Himiko, Ryota found one of his remote explosives and moved it,
Date ran and Ryota followed. At this point Date thought he had Ryota dead but little did he know the explosive was right next to him,
Now he is weak and can barely move, Shiki has came to finish him off so they don't get anymore blood on their hands.

Shiki couldn't finish him off she went to swing the sickle into his head but couldn't do it so she hit the ground next to him.

Episode 12 -

Taira is badly injured and poisoned from the lizards he has started hallucinating.
At the start of the episode he seen his son and wife standing there asking him how many chips he has,
he kept saying he hasn't got enough, he had three on him and Ryota had four.
Then he thought about killing Himiko and Ryota for their chips aswell.

Taira has homing explosives, he had locked onto Ryota with it and one of them got him and blew up
his leg, he hasn't lost his leg but his injury is bad.

The lizards came after Taira again, he think it was karma for betraying Ryota and Himiko so he killed himself,

Ryota wanted to apologies to Taira because he kept leaving him on his own,
which lead to Taira being scared and defenceless because he was so badly injured.

Himiko has no one to return to when she goes back to the real world,
all her friends hate her. So she has gave Ryota 6 chips, his chip will make 7 and her will make 8,
but he has to kill Himiko to get her chip and he doesn't want to kill her.

Ryota finally realised that it is Himiko that he met online.

If I was to compare this to a movie it would have to be Hunger Games,

They are just so much alike.

They both have to fight to survive.

I only watched this because Loke told me to watch anime. I said I will watch one episode and if I don't like it i'm never watching it again, but I really enjoyed it, also thanks to Mortar for picking this one out for me!

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I'm really glad you loved it and we finally got through to you man

And I'm even more glad you loved the series I loved it so much as well


Great detailed post
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After reading through this I might give it a watch, great post btw wizard!!
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I watched this anime recently and I liked it too. Have you watched One Punch Man too?
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Btooom was good, I really enjoyed it. Shame it doesn't seem like it's gonna get the second season it needs.
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Fibril wroteI watched this anime recently and I liked it too. Have you watched One Punch Man too?

Nah, I want to watch it but it "isn't avaliable in your region" sucks man.

WoodsfIame wroteBtooom was good, I really enjoyed it. Shame it doesn't seem like it's gonna get the second season it needs.

Yeah I loved the first season, I think it deserves a second series especially after the cliffhanger it left us on
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Never gonna get a second season because the game and the kickstarter both failed.
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