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Brigand - 5 Year MemberPosted:

  • V5 Launch
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Damn, 5 years already? Time sure as hell goes by fast. Nothing but school and work. Already in the final year then its figuring out where to transfer to after. Just feeling uncertain about which path to take. Gotta get them dl's in soon. Sean be complaining about not having any pending submissions to approve. That's all I got to say, see ya in a year or whatever happens next.

Thanks List (In no particular order)
Thespian - Glad to see you get revived back on here.
Tom - Some guy.
Saki - Your flirtatious remarks are enticing.
else - Same old looking ass.
maDz - #1 mom.
Nodus - Your profile wall is a goldmine for Love Live.
Scizor - Don't let the FBI find you with them YOUNG 2-d girls.
Repbandit - Looking dusty aye?

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Congrats on 5 year you will soon be at 4 k posts
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grats on 5 year member brigand

april was a great month to join huh

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Congrats on the 5 years my dude!
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Congrats on 5 years Brigand.

Hope to see you reach that 10,000 one day.

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grats, were not banned
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Congrats on 5 years
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Some guy, eh?
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  • Christmas!
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Nice job on 5 years and many more to come!
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Only 5 years? Damn man, you have certainly done a lot in your time here! See you back here soon no doubt :')
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