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Factory Resetting laptop with broken screenPosted:

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I currently have a lenovo y700 laptop with a completely destroyed screen. The only way to use the laptop is connecting it to a monitor. So i have someone who is trying to purchase the laptop off me but I need to remove all my files from the laptop before doing so. I factory reset the laptop but I am unable to see the display to continue with the reset setup. It simply wont display on the monitor no matter what I do. I have been using the windows+p option and fn+f4 (for my laptop) and nothing will let it display on my monitor. I tried to shut it down, turn it on and immediately close the lid but since I didnt go through the set up process (since i cant see the display), it automatically does a backup and Im back to how the laptop was with all my files on it. Is there any solution? thank you for your help!
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Get your machine into safemode by the following below depending on the OS you have installed:

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How are you connected to this external display, I take it you're using HDMI from the right side output port?

The quick solution would be to extract the HDD/SSD and plug it into a different machine and wipe it from there.

As mentioned, safe mode loads the basic drivers so if it's a driver issue which is preventing you from using an external display, you shouldn't have the problem.

Hope this helps.
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