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Break up advice pleasePosted:

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I recently have broken up with the girl I have been with for 2 years and I could do with some advice on how to handle this situation from here on out.

Simple back story, honesty and trust was a key thing that there was lack of from her end of which i found out over the duration of the 2 years so i ended it for my best interest as it was getting to much, however I am a very unsocial person so I tend to stay inside which results in overthinking.

I have few friends however I dont actually drive just yet like they do and work has made it hard to meet for drinks or just to get out of the house.

Im athletic and do downhill trails and general cycling but sadly due to my personal issues i find it hard to try new things however i am wanting to force myself to do new things. Im starting a new job in a week which is great, also looking to start gym to help quit smoking too.

Can anyone recommend anything else I could look into trying to do to help myself, I do not wish to be in a unhealthy situation from this so could really do with advice please guys and girls

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What I'm about to say is kinda shitty but it's worked for me in the pass.

"The best way to get over someone is to get under someone else"

Also try to keep your mind busy and you won't be thinking about the break up that much
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Stop overthinking it, just because you're not in a relationship won't make you lonely. You're pretty young to from the background information I gathered from your post. Don't worry about keeping these relationships right now, truthfully just keep doing you. When this new job starts up I bet you'll meet new people and move on just fine from there, you've got this buddy. Plus you can always talk to me, or anyone else on this forum.

Besides, relationships are too much work and money anyways
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You're way too young to act like this over a chick.
There's 7 billion people in this world and you haven't even began to experience life.
You haven't met a quarter of the people you're gonna meet throughout your life.
Buck up, man. You gotta realize you need to put your happiness first and ENJOY LIFE.
You got this. Don't worry my dude.
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Best advice. This worked for me, get a rebound man. Just go out and have fun! Try not to think about it. Trust me I know its hard man! GL out there buddy!
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That's great news that you start a job. Focus on different hobbies , do something to clear your mind. Talk to your friends about it or someone you trust.
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Best thing to do is watch anime (or whatever u watch) and talk to people you trust
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Begin a new hobby. I started the gym when I went through a breakup and it was the best decision I ever made.
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I think it's great you're doing you like going to the gym and trying to quit smoking. It's also important you find things you like to do to keep you busy like I like reading, watching Netflix or Hulu, (when I'm inside) I also like hiking and swimming and playing pool too. Just little hobbies will get you past this, I've had bad break ups and decent break ups as well but doing little hobbies got me past it I quit smoking cigarettes and I smoke weed instead cause it's not harmful like cigarettes I have some mental health problems and it helps me with depression and anxiety too. But all in all just keep your mind focused in positive things and activities will help!
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Sometimes not thinking about the times you had with her is the best thing for you man, I've wore that T-shirt and I know how you feel, which isn't great, but oh well, life is a b**ch sometimes, just keep your head up and don't let the past bring you down.
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