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8 Fantastic Years on TTGPosted:

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8 long years on this forum and still no intention of leaving (Sorry Sean).

Crazy to think that I am the longest running staff member on here... Thanks as always go to the staff team past and present - craziest bunch of people I could ever know that have pulled me out of some tough times.

Lots of laughs over the years and no doubt many more to follow with the big surprises in store for the future.

P.S - I heard that I get rep for posting this thread...

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Dale , 8 years is a hell of a long time to be breaking shit buddy.

Grats on mod btw

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Congratulations on 8 years Dale, and thank you so much for being a staff member for such a long time, I didn't even know you were the longest running staff member on TheTechGame
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Sean frantically typing "How to delete someone from the internet" into google right now.

Congrats on 8!
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Congratulations on 8 years and on being the longest running staff member.

How much do you get paid?
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congrts on all these years spent at TTG see you at your next milestone!
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Congrats on the big 8 Dale!

Here's to another 8!
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Congrats on 8 long years buddy. Here is to 8 more!
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Grats man been a long journey i hope you enjoy the rest of your time here see you around whenever you're in the SB
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Gratz Dale on 8 years

Forever the guy that gets the blame for when TTG sneezes a little.
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