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If you could Have one wish what it be ?Posted:

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If I could wish for anything I wish that I could be immortal , I know sounds selfish An crazy an I know you would see every one you loved die ,

But I could live in all era's and you couldn't kill so that's my wish

Would like to see year 2,789

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For forum games to get good and creative.

Instead of spam intended posts.
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To get staff on TheTechGame.
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To make sure everyone in my family lives a happy life.
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To be promoted as Moderator on this site. Always wanted to be staff help the team out and be part of the team.As a Moderator my role would be moderate the PS3/PS4 Section of the site.
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Immortality would be interesting
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I would have to say be financially stable for the rest of my life.
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Lol @ people begging for staff

I'd wish for $$$
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I would wish for money but not to benefit myself,for my family and loved ones. Make sure everyone is good
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easy. i miss my brother like crazy so ill definitely wish for him back. him over anything. no amount of money can replace the pain i have from not having him beside me anymore. theres also no point in watching e3 this year we would always watch it together..
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