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Enter me into.
Im old school jist JT isnt anything new to me but he alittle off his game on halftime show.

I wanted the eagles to win and glad they did
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Eagles played okay, patriots were just poor.

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My dream car would be a 200sx with Type X (Kouki) rear lights and wing.

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My dream car is 1955 Ford Thunderbird.
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Dream car Tesla roadster <3
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I'll enter.

The Superbowl was a great one.

Eagles pulled off the win and I had money on them.

Huge thanks for this!

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I was really mad when the eagles won.. Being a cowboys fan really wanted the eagles to not have a sb win.. but I also didnt want to pats to have more sbs than the boys... so it was an all out shit show for me lmao

thanks for the giveaway man
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Bump bumpity bump bump
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Pats didn't play well at all!
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Im just glad the pats lost honestly
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