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DARLING in the BAPEPosted:

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Left = Original
Right = Edit

Feel free to leave feedback!

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You've done a fantastic job of this and several other pieces of work. Living up to your badge of GFX King without a doubt. Need more anime edits like this.
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This is some fine work dude. You really took the original picture and added some character to the girls appearance. Some damn fine work.
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aye this shit is fire,

good stuff
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This is dope. I really enjoy looking at your pieces.
Hope you find time to do what you love to do.
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Amazing work, as always. You're one of the best at this, keep at it.
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Love your work.

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It's beautiful, Mediocre. Makes me want to watch this anime. It looks clean. I love the line work and overall shape of the "face" you added. I also like how all the textures are just as perfect in your edit, as they are in the original (like on the sleeve and backpack).

Nice job with this, and thanks for sharing! Truly looks like an official promotional image (haven't actually seen this anime so can't say much more than that).
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That's jokes man, looks great, P.S she looks hella cute
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Great warping and masking, need to learn this more myself
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