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My Girlfriend is Pregnant!!!Posted:

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I can't actually tell you how happy I am, We had to make a difficult decision to keep the baby or not due to only being 19 but I think it's time I grow up....

it's Going to be an interesting year for us I just can't wait for October..

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Nice one lad , Hope everything goes well with you and your gf.
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Congratulations! Looks like you will be a dad. I hope for the best for you and your family.
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Congratulations best of luck to both of you guys
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Congrats man! Hope you the best with the future of your family
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Congratulations mate, time to grow up and provide for you soon to be family, all the best
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Congratulations to reaching a big step in your life. Good luck
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Brah, that's awesome man, you have made the right choice that's for sure. Life is all about growing up and starting a family mate, I so wish I did it at your age. 19 is a good age mate.
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Big congrats man, you'll be a great dad & your partner will be a great mother too.
I'm 22 and had my son when I was 20, best thing that's ever happened to me!!
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Having your own child honestly is the best feeling in the world. When the baby is finally here, words can't describe how i felt. 100% Best thing to ever happen to me. HUGE congratz Owen, they sure do make you grow up quickly.
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