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Which one?

75.00% (12 votes)
Semi Frozen
25.00% (4 votes)

Total Votes: 16

Which Yeezy Boost should i get?Posted:

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Im wondering between which yeezy boost to get?

Which would have better resell value and which one would look better with all black.

Semi frozen yellow:
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Always wanted at least one pair so help me decide lol

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Second pair looks a lot better. go with that!
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Dude get the zebras they are elite.
#4. Posted:
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get none because yeezys are overpriced crap
#5. Posted:
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The Zebras look better imo.

Get those.
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I would definitely get the zebras first. They really go hard!
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Go for the zebras, go with a lot more,
Just make sure to have a protector spray on them though.
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The white ones are the nicest
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Zebras are saucy go for them first make sure you got a outfit for it
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