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Who is your role model?Posted:

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Mine would have to be my wife, she works so much and she does her job so well with out complaining then comes home cook, cleans, and doesn't have a problem. I wish I had her drive and patience. Who are y'alls?

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KyloCrux (02-03-2018)
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Mine would be my dad.
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My parents; taught me never to take anything for granted. They always made the best out of the shittiest situations.
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My Mother.

Dad is a deadbeat.

She took care of me and my 2 sisters and brothers all by herself.
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Don't have any. I do my own thing; I make up my own life, no one else.
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My role model is an armadillo I saw on the side of the road the other day. Living so wild, so free. Must have opened a ton of loot crates for that legendary armor,

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I'd say my dad he helped me so much in life he's always there for me
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My role model would be me in the future. Gives me something to strive for.
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I don't have a role model. I strive to be one.
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I have to say my dad is mine. He is always there for me when i need help.
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