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TheTechGame Not as popular as it once was back years ago?Posted:

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Just wondering if everyone thinks the same thing as me, Like back years ago like 6-8 when Mw2 first was realsed?
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The forums are just as active as before. There are loads of members on here daily but nothing interesting in the gaming scene has really popped up so that's why you see the lack of threads/replies. Don't get the wrong signal that the forums are not active, because they are.
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Every forum has its times when its slow and it drops for a bit. Doesn't mean its not as good or worse when it was in its prime. Give it time, they'll be back.
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Once current gen gets rolling, it'll be back
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The people that were joining like wildfire in the Mw2 days were looking for lobbies.
Account got made here like crazy with people trying to learn the dupe glitch/buy/sell accounts.

When we see modded Xbox One's for sale, and lobbies/mods on new games, tons of people will join.

But I always see the community of TTG stay strong. The ones that are here now love the site and probably always will. Come join the Shoutbox and talk to some people there every day!
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This is true it was huge when modding was extremely popular
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I disagree, there aren't the same users that are on from previous years but still the same activity

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Back in the MW2 days TTG was popping, I will I agree that the modding scene has died down, but not TTG itself. We'll see a boost of new members when next gen mods come out whether it be PS4 or Xbox One. Only time will tell. But TTG's active enough right now.
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Yeah, I joined this site and was pretty active back in the MW2 days. I became inactive due to playing competitively in BO2 and then swapping to League of Legends. TTG slowly lost its spark to me over time.
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It's basically a spam website now
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