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Favorite thing about 2017?Posted:

  • Winter 2017
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I'm curious what was everyone's favorite thing about 2017?

Mine personally was going to Florida for spring break and graduating high school

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Xbox (01-01-2018)
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Mine was betting if Florida was going to become the next Atlantis with all the hurricanes.
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Probably wittycalf being banned from the shoutbox
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Honestly there wasn't really nothing exciting or special that happened to me so I don't have a favorite.

The only thing that'd I'd say is my favorite is being able to hop on my phone and go to a certain Website called TheTechGame
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2017 for me was all crap. Just like 2016. Hopefully 2018 is better
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Xbox wroteProbably wittycalf being banned from the shoutbox

He was banned from the shoutbox?
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Honestly not breaking it of with my girlfriend ffs, i should of done it at the beginning of 2017.
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Nothing That's Why 2018 Ganna Be Better
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When Famous got unmodded
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My favorite thing about 2017, is that it's over.
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