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iPhone 7 stuck in Recovery mode, iOS 11, help.Posted:

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iPhone 7 GSM unlocked

Issue: can't get iPhone to restore or reset in iTunes. Get -1 Error every time.

Story: the first night, I was talking on my iPhone and then the call ended and my service dropped and said "No Service", then it continuously said "Searching". So then I tried to reset network settings so that maybe the Carrier settings would update when connected to wifi again. That didn't work though.

Then since I was on like 11.2, I had an OTA update for 11.2.1. I decided to download and install the 11.2.1, it downloaded but when I tried to installed it kept saying unable to verify with apple. So the verification failed now, and yes, it was connected to wifi.

So now I used iTunes. I clicked updated on iTunes and it downloaded and then it also failed to verify install with apple. So I decided to just restore my iPhone, then it failed. Then I tried to just update it via recovery move, which also failed.

Now no matter what, if it's DFU or Recovery, it installed halfway on the apple logo install bar on my phone and then crashes and fails with a -1 error on iTunes.

I used my last resort and let apple screen share me and watch and they still had no idea. I have tried windows, mac. 2 lightening cables. I tried without SIM card (SIM card can sometimes interior baseband and cause iTunes errors). I tried IOS 11.2 and 11.2.1. Nothing works.

Phone is about a year old. Out of warranty. But not cracked or dropped. Touch ID works, looks brand new.
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