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I need help deciding!!Posted:

  • Winter 2017
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So I'm stuck with this decision, to either buy gear or by parts for my bike. So i have an upcoming race in like 23 days and I'm not sure if i should buy gear (new boots, pants, and jersey) or if i should buy parts for my bike. I need some gear since my last years gear set is ruined but i also need parts for my bike (new plastics and graphics). I need help deciding if i should fix my bike and make it look mint or cop a fresh gear set and glue my old plastics together for the race

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Mooneye (12-30-2017)
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To be honest mate i do racing too! I'd get your bike sorted first, dont worry about gear! always make sure the bike is at its best and with the money thats left over, use for gear!
-Hope i helped aha
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Sounds like either doesn't help the bike in any performance kind of way.

If that were the case, I would personally make the bike look nicer. You can get surely get cheap(ish) gear right?

However, if you're 100% missing parts of your outfit I would get that for safety reasons incase you crash or something.

Good Luck on your race
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For Safety reasons I'd get the gear.

But you do need a fresh looking bike. So depending on how much you spend on your bike I'd use the left over money for gear.
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Gear is insane but updated parts are always good
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I would say buy some parts and gear, safety first.
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Sounds like you need gear more than anything. Motorcycles scare me enough, I can't imagine having terrible safety gear. I'm actually quite surprised you'll pass tech with safety gear that isn't up to par. Making your bike look mint is neat, but gear first, then cosmetics. Goodluck with your race my dude!
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Fix the bike first
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I feel like anything that can physically help you through the race is better which would be the gear for the bike. Definitely safety first no matter what!
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Personally I'd just go get Mexican style steak tacos
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