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Double XP TIP COD WW2Posted:

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Just a little tip for double XP ON COD WW2 .... use All Heroic & Epic guns For maximum amount for XP BOOST because you earn Double then the heroic Earns u 15% and epics earn 10% .......LETS GET TO RANKING UP!
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I never knew that, thank you!
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wow, didnt know this. Thanks for the share, i have gotten variants but havent used them
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I actually didn't even think about using my Epic or Heoric Variants this weekend, even if they're on the Weapons I don't frequently use.

I've got around 11 hours to make the most of it before Double (Triple) XP ends.
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Thanks for this post! been using mine as much as possible althougfh swapped things out to complete weapon challenges for the big XP bonus
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I can promise double xp will be back very shortly. Seeing as how the game disconnects nearly every game or gives a black screen. It was also causing my external harddrive to mess up each time it froze. This double xp weekend was a complete bust and SHG knows it.
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