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How did you find TheTechGame?Posted:

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Haven't posted or even been on TTG in awhile and just started thinking about when I joined and thought it would be cool or nostalgic to see everyone's reasons or stories of why they joined or how they found the site. Hopefully you all actually reply and this doesn't immediately become a dead topic lol.

For me, I was like 12-ish playing Halo on xbox and a friend of mine told me to go onto here and go to the Halo section to find a boosting lobby. I started browsing the whole website and found that there was allot more than just Halo. Soon realized there was a MW2 forum and there were 10th lobby posts and infection lobbies for chrome, cartoon, super speed, etc, and Michael Myers games and all other sorts of cool fun stuff that made me so excited because modded lobbies were the thing back in those days and I had just found the way to easily find modded lobbies. I remember making an account so I could comment my GT and I was worried that I would get banned from TTG because I was 12 (You're supposed to be 13 years old to join). I later discovered Se7enSins, but really didn't like the way it looked or was setup, it was a little confusing (being 12), so I never used it. Still to this day, that is why I prefer TTG or 7s.

Long story short, a friend told me about the website, I joined to be a leech, the end.

So how did you find TTG?
Why did you join?
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So my 12 year old self could leech mods on mw2.
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Same reason as all of us, looking for MW2 Challenge Lobbies lol.
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I was leaching on Modern Warfare 2 back in the day and i came on here for a lobby then about 6 years later(now) i made an account and ive been active ever since.

I wish i could go back to those days for a week haha.
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Through a friend to advertise our crew on Red Dead Redemption and GTA TBoGT.
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Mw2 and cod4 modding days. Loved those good old times.
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Mw2 modded lobby
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MW2 modded lobbies, great days!
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i found it when someone was ISO modding on [email protected] with "TTG" in their name years ago. I checked it out and then found this site.
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I found it by looking for modded lobbies on mw2
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