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Finally signed upPosted:

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Known of the site for awhie finally signed up. Fairly active on other forums not surecif can post names. Ill be sure to read rules before make any more post or replies.

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Xbox (10-01-2017)
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Welcome hope to see you around an being Active this is a really good website
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Welcome to the site man
Be sure and read the rules like youve stated in the original posts.
Also come and check out the shoutbox, its where the weebs hang.
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Welcome to the site man enjoy your stay
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Welcome to the site mate
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Welcome! Hope to see you around
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Welcome man! Hope to see you around. Remember to have a look at the rules
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Welcome to the community, man.
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Welcome TurtleWave

PM me if you need anything, see you around the site.
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Welcome, make sure you read the rules before you start posting!
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