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Patch Notes v1.37 / Autumn UpdatePosted:

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The Headlines

  • Farmstead is now available as a Seasonal Arena in all Playlists
  • Wasteland and Starbase ARC have been redesigned as Standard Arenas
  • More than 90 FREE new items added as drops and Trade-Ins
  • Accelerator Crate has been added
  • Player Banners have been added as a new Customization Item
  • The Main Menu has a redesigned blog UI
  • New features include Transparent Goalposts, Director Camera, and Local Matches (Steam Only)
  • Competitive Season 5 ends, and Competitive Season 6 begins
  • Player Banners are being distributed as Season 5 Rewards

Complete list below...

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New Content


  • Farmstead is now available as a Seasonal Arena in all Playlists
  • Wasteland and Starbase ARC have been redesigned as Standard Arenas.
  • Previous versions are now called Badlands and ARCtagon, can be found in Rumble, Private Matches, and Offline
  • DFH Stadium (Day)
  • Champions Field (Day)
  • Mannfield (Snowy)
  • Snowy Arena variants will return to Casual and Competitive Playlists during the holiday season

Player Banners

  • Player Banners are new Customization Items displayed in the main menu and during Goal Replays.
  • Some Player Banners have customizable background colors, while others may have an animated background.
  • Some Player Banners may drop with a Painted attribute
  • Player Banners will be available as Common items after any match, while others will be Rare or Very Rare drops after Online Matches, or via the Trade-In system:


  • More than 90 FREE new items added to the drop rate (including the Player Banners listed above)
  • Accelerator Crate has been added

Community Flags

  • Jon Sandman
  • Woofless

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Changes and Updates


  • Players can now change to another Custom Training pack while playing a Custom Training pack[/b]
  • While in a Custom Training pack, pause the game, choose Change Training from the in-game menu
  • Stick Sensitivity has been added to the Controls menu
  • At the default value of 1.0, your controller will behave the same as before
  • Your analog stick input is multiplied by these values. Increasing them makes your controller more sensitive at the cost of some fine-tuned control
  • At the maximum value of 10.0, your controller behaves like Keyboard steering, turning at maximum speed from any stick tilt
  • Camera Transition Speed option has been added to the Camera menu
  • Increasing this value makes your camera blend between Ball Cam and Player Cam more quickly
  • Always Show Nameplates option has been added to the Gameplay menu
  • When enabled, this option will prevent other players nameplates from being hidden even at long distances
  • All cars are now using one of the standardized presets for handling and hitbox introduced in the Anniversary Update

Main Menu

  • The Main Menu has a redesigned blog UI
  • The blog is now collapsable
  • The blog will auto expand if new news has been added since your last play session
  • More information about live esports events is now included
  • The new Play submenu consolidates all Offline and Online play modes into one section.
  • Exhibition and Season modes can now be found under Play Local
  • Stats, Leaderboards, and League Rankings are now found under the Career submenu

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Transparent Goalposts

  • A new Transparent Goalposts option has been added that causes goalposts and some walls to become see-through when necessary to see the ball
  • All Arenas but Rocket Labs use this new feature
  • Transparent Goalposts are enabled by default, but can be toggled off to return to their previous, non-transparent behavior
  • To disable, uncheck the Transparent Goalposts box in your Video settings under the Options submenu


  • Introduction of sound ducking in the audible items of the garage
  • When browsing customization items with audio (Goal Explosions, Boosts), in-game background audio/music volume will automatically lower
  • Added delay before playing hover item sound to reduce audio spamming in garage
  • Performance pass on general gameplay to reduce voice count on lower volume assets

Director Camera (Beta)

  • A new Spectator camera option called Director has been added
  • The Director is an AI-controlled Camera mode that predicts Shots, Goals, and Saves and cuts to the best player view to frame the action

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Competitive Season 5

  • Competitive Season 5 has ended. Titles and items will be awarded for your highest rank achieved during the season. Season 5 Rewards are custom, non-tradeable Player Banners
  • Receiving the Season 5 Reward Player Banners is also contingent upon successful completion of Season Reward Levels
  • Reward Player Banners:
  • Season 5 - Bronze (Dragon)'
  • Season 5 - Silver (Dragon)'
  • Season 5 - Gold (Dragon)'
  • Season 5 - Platinum (Dragon)'
  • Season 5 - Diamond (Dragon)'
  • Season 5 - Champion (Dragon)'
  • Season 5 - Grand Champion (Dragon)'
  • Season 5 Grand Champions will also receive the 'Season 5 Grand Champion' Title
  • A second set of Season Reward Player Banners will also be awarded, with the same requirements outlined above:
  • 'Season 5 - Bronze'
  • 'Season 5 - Silver'
  • 'Season 5 - Gold'
  • 'Season 5 - Platinum'
  • 'Season 5 - Diamond'
  • 'Season 5 - Champion'
  • 'Season 5 - Grand Champion'

Competitive Season 6

  • Competitive Season 6 has begun
  • Season 6 brings a soft reset that requires you to do placement matches in each playlist to recalibrate
  • Winning half of your placement matches will land you near your previous season ranking
  • Rank requirements have been updated to distribute more players into Platinum tier and higher, and to reduce the amount of players in Bronze I
  • League Rankings will be temporarily empty until players complete their placement matches

Local Match (Steam Only)

  • Players on Steam can now host and join LAN matches directly through the Play menu
  • Host Local Lobby to create a LAN server that other players can join on your network
  • Find Local Lobby to browse for LAN servers you can connect to
  • Local / LAN matches allow you and your friends to compete without the need for an internet connection
  • The LAN Lobby creator is hosting the match on their computer. Using Alt-Tab in Fullscreen mode or taking other actions on that computer may affect server performance. Using a Spectator PC to host the lobby for LAN events is recommended

Known Issues

  • Starbase ARC has a few textures that aren't rendering correctly at map start
  • These textures should correct once a match begins, should not affect gameplay
  • Xbox One may crash in Main Menu if opening and closing too many menus quickly

Bug Fixes

  • Bumping and Demolish Updates
  • Fixed an issue where car collisions could be incorrectly handled depending on the order the physics engine processed them in
  • Fixed an issue where Demolishes and Bumps could be incorrectly handled depending on the depth of its bumper penetration into the other cars collision.
  • Ball Indicator on Champions Field has been fixed
  • Restored Batmobile to its pre-Anniversary Update state based on community feedback
  • The Steam Controller now works as intended on Mac hardware
  • Party members can no longer be pulled out of a Ranked match by a Party Leader
  • Winning player no longer receives a loss when leaving a Ranked 1v1 match during an overtime Goal Replay
  • Entering Free Play while joining an Online Match no longer prevents players from joining an Online Match

Xbox One

  • Crash fixes
  • Fixed a performance issue related to a few Achievements
  • Fixed an issue where VSync was not being properly disabled even when checked off in the Video Options

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