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Will I get Fifa today?Posted:

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I got a message from Simply Games this morning roughly 5AM saying it has been dispatched via royal mail first class, surely that wouldve been done last night and Ive only just received the message this morning?
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Didn't know people still bought discs
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If it was sent first class surely you'd have a tracking number?
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I ordered mine from there too and got the same message around the same time saying it had been dispatched. I order from there every year and get the game at least a day early so normally you'd get it by today.

However if you go on their website and check their game description when you go to buy the game, it says "Please note - due to EA tightening up on their disruptions to UK retailers they will not receive the game while Thursday, which is when the game will dispatched, instead of the normal 3-4 days before release date when it's dispatched which is why usually you get it 1-2 days early from there.

I think at the latest you will get it tomorrow but unlikely you will get it today as it's only just been dispatched.

I hope it doesn't come any later than that though, still waiting for mine

hope that helps
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I haven't dealt with Simply Games since I've ordered mine the past fews years and including this year from Tesco but I assume it should come tomorrow on the release date but there's a chance it may come a little early or later but its unlikely.
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