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What has caused you the most buyers remorse?Posted:

  • Christmas!
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as for me its knowing that im a college student and I could use the money and im balls deep in building a new computer thats gonna be around 2000 dollars but itll be worth it lol. How about you guys?
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  • Vantage
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Spending it on Cod Supply drops or Madden packs.
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  • Winter 2017
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Probably on fifa points because I didnt pack anything good.
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My car, 03 BMW 325i. She's pretty and all, definitely my favorite car I've ever owned. But I've spent more money on it in the past year than probably on all the cars I've owned before it combined. It comes with the E46 territory and I'm not surprised, probably could have spent the money on a whole lot of pizza though
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Probably mobile games. Stop playing after a couple weeks..
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  • 1K Rainmaker
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im not even gonna lie one of mine is a bad habit
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  • Ninja
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I spent over 1000 on league if legends and another 1000 on a game called trove

I hate myself
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  • Christmas!
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Cod supply drops for sure
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  • Winter 2017
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CSGO Gambling and also having a girlfriend (i kid)
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bought a trashy little Alienware Alpha and now it is in an infinite loop of restarting. (nothing fixes this btw, I have tried everything except for sending it back, which I will not do)
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