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Updated to Ios11 and now looped....Posted:

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So i updated to Ios 11 through the PC and now i am stuck in a apple logo loop and i didnt backup since februrary and have SOOO much imporant information on my phone and way to recover data and save it and then restore phone?
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If your iPhone is stuck on an Apple logo there are a couple of steps you can take to try and get the device to boot up.

You can try to force restart your iPhone by pressing and holding the sleep/wake button and home button at the same time until the Apple logo shows.

On an iPhone 7 you force restart the device by pressing and holding the volume down and home button at the same time.

You can try force restarting the iPhone while connected to power, but it rarely works.

I have also seen where people have waited till the device dies, then charge the device and attempt to power it on. (again this works rarely.)

If these steps don't work to power your iPhone on then I'm afraid that there is no way to back up your device at this point.

You can use the following article to help with troubleshooting the Apple logo issue, which at this point would mean trying to restore the device and resulting in loss of data if you have no backup in iTunes or iCloud.

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If you are still not able to power on your device you may need a repair. [ Register or Signin to view external links. ]

I hope this helps.
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Try restoring the device through iTunes on a computer. If it doesn't work, it will at least give you an error code that will shoot you in the direction of what is wrong with it. It's like what Maybach said, but a little different. When you press and hold the home and power button, the logo will show up. Then you want to release the power button and continue to hold the home button. Now you will have an icon that shows the data/charging cable. Plug it into iTunes and then it will ask you to restore. If you have a 7, instead of the home button you will be holding the volume button(down I believe). If the issue cant be fixed, the only way you're getting the data back is if you had an icloud backup.
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