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Most funny/awkward thing you did this year at work so far?Posted:

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I tried getting water from a water tap and treating it like a pallet jack by opening and closing the tab up and down lol
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Spilling coffee on bossman coz i was screwing around. Wasn't my proudest moment ngl.
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Milk came out my nose because of laughing lol
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Took the screw's out of my bosses office chair and it was priceless I seen him going to the office so I slowly walked behind him An poked my head around the corner an when he sat in the chair it collapsed to the ground and so did he it was hilarious he was cussing like a mofo
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Had to dress up for a head office function.. our team leader told us it was hawaiin theme so I wore a hawaiin shirt with those flower skirts to head office, only to find out we were supposed to be wearing clothes that represented our team (Our team is the Wolvarines.....)
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TFW your boss doesnt trust you to move the snowplow so he does it himself and crashes it into the side of a truck...

I gave him shit for it,

Then the same day I jackknifed a trailer and put a hole in the side of another truck.

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Not really at work but i was at college and my buddy asked me to chuck him a water bottle, i did and it accidentally hit the tutor. I apologised after so it was all good.
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I tried to remove a Crane fly off a electric fly swatter with the top part of my water bottle. Problem was, I didn't even notice the fact that there was no cap on it. Pretty airheaded I think but it was funny.
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